Abundant Earth Fiber is a small textile mill on Whidbey Island in Washington state. They design and spin yarn from domestically sourced wool and other natural fibers. The mill is owned by Lydia Christiansen, and it’s all about her passion for quality, sustainable processing and the interconnectedness of textiles with our lives. I’m honored to collaborate with her, and I’m excited to create pieces that give expression to the yarn she so thoughtfully produces. Since I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, it’s especially wonderful to receive yarn support from this mill and to partner with a business that shares my values.

You will find all natural non-superwash yarns in the AEF shop, along with a special product called Wool Tinctures - dyes for using at home to give your yarn custom colors. It’s an extra fun step for making your knitting projects more beautiful and personal.

Check out Lydia’s gorgeous photography on their website too! Her heart and her product remain close to the sheep and landscape that produce American fiber.