I dress for myself

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“I don’t dress to be stared at. I dress for myself”. That’s another statement by Iris Apfel, the NYC fashion icon you might know about. If not, the documentary about the life of this fiercely independent, curious and wickedly funny 90-something woman, Iris, will be a delightful surprise.

Watch it!

I know that most knitters are very concerned about making things that they will love to wear. There’s much consideration given to how things fit and whether or not they will flatter. Purchasing beautiful yarns and spending all that time knitting adds to the pressure to end up with an item that won’t live in an underbed box and be another “well, at least I learned a lot” situation.

I'd like to encourage you to trust your instincts, be curious, make what you feel you like, and have a sense of humor about it all. Those are hallmarks of the Iris Apfel approach to fashion and they are key points I keep in mind while designing my patterns. Those ideas express what I hope for Spout designs to be - pieces that make me happy and help me dress for myself, every day.

My recent design, Boundary Bay, is a great starting point for making something new and freeing in your own knitwear life. It’s a big rectangle with color and texture, and it’s fun to style and wear. If your wardrobe consists of mostly black, grey and denim, as mine does, this wrap is an opportunity to spice it up with some bright hues. If you feel more comfortable with choosing neutrals all the way, then add some drama with dark and light values.

Boundary Bay is a low risk option with potentially big payoff. You might find yourself wearing it almost every day and in every season. If you need ideas for styling, my photographer, Troy (@troyspoelma on Instagram), created this cool video showing the wrap in motion and some of the many ways it can be styled. As always, I'm available for advice on color selection or any of your thoughts through my Instagram or via email so please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

Have courage to make your knitwear personal and dress for yourself. Choose what you like, have fun with the process, and wear your knits!

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