About Spout

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My name is Ruth Boelkins and I live in Michigan, where I knit, design, and teach knitting classes. When I’m not knitting I like biking, walking trails with my dog Oliver, reading, and all things involving good food, whiskey, dark chocolate and coffee.

I’m the author of everything Spout, and I’m passionate about thoughtful and functional design. I like my knitwear to fit easily into everyday life, so my motivation to design usually begins with a practical need, like something I don’t have in my wardrobe or that I can’t find in a store. And because I also like distinction and a dash of luxury in my knits, I design with the gorgeous colors and fibers of indie dyers. They provide added inspiration and a push to create items that showcase the goods of that craft.

My undergraduate degree is in art history and surface design from Western Washington University. I especially like ancient, Native American and minimalist art. I also have a great love of coastal climates and geography. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest and now living in the Great Lakes region, it seems that watery interests are very naturally a part of me, particularly shorelines, tides, fish, creatures, whales, weather and ships.

I hope you find things that you like in my Spout pattern collection. When you’re working on Spout projects, I want you to have fun and enjoy both the process and the results. Reach out by email or message me on Ravelry or Instagram if you need any help or advice!