Tech Team


Troy Spoelma

Troy studies graphic design at Grand Valley State University and has contributed to Spout Knits by creating our logo, providing other graphic design, and product photography.

Through an internship he was exposed to photography and videography and he's been dabbling in the two ever since. Using his knowledge from art school of composition, hierarchy, and the Gestalt principles, he strives to create shots that are aesthetically pleasing and captivating to the eye. Troy hopes to combine graphic design, video, and other forms of art to create a portfolio of multimedia projects. But for now, he dreams of surfing at sunset and driving foreign cars down highway 101. 

You can keep up with Troy on his Instagram page here.


Ethan Boelkins

Ethan provides additional product and website photography for Spout Knits. 

He is currently a math major at Grand Valley State University.  An avid fly fisherman, he uses trips down the river to fuel his development as a photographer. He is also a car enthusiast, regularly traveling to Chicago to scour the streets, photographing the supercars he finds.

You can find all of his photography on his Instagram here


Adam Boelkins

Adam designs and manages the Spout Knits website.

He graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and currently works for a software startup in Traverse City, MI. In his free time, he enjoys fly fishing Northern Michigan rivers with his dog, Caddis. He also ties his own flies and hopes to one day build himself a fly rod. 



Jenna Boelkins

Since she is the only child still living at home, Jenna provides a lot of on site technical support to Spout.

She helps her mom with computer functions and pattern formatting. An accomplished knitter herself, Jenna also does sample knitting for Spout as well as pattern testing.  High school academics and girls travel hockey keep her busy too, so knitting and hanging out with her dog Oliver are great ways to relax. You can follow her dog, Oliver, on Instagram here